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5900 MO-150 Grandview, MO 64030 (816) 966-2222
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Awarded title
"Best Motorcycle Dealer In Kansas City"
by The Pitch

5900 MO-150, Grandview, MO 64030
Sales: (816) 966-2222

Harley-Davidson Service, Maintenance, and Repairs near Kansas City

More Than an
Oil Change

Here at Gail’s Harley-Davidson you’ll find more veteran Harley technicians and mechanics than any other dealership in the Midwest. No matter if you’re upgrading your bike’s function and style or just need general maintenance, our mechanics will take the same pride in working on your bike as they would their own Harleys. Our lounge area overlooks our 16-bay Service Center so you can easily get in on the action and ogle our pristine work area and spacious facility. You won’t find a run-of-the-mill Harley repair shop here. Our customers love the Gail’s Harley-Davidson dedication to reliable service and they come far and wide from both local and national locations including Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and even New York.

You get more than you may expect with Harley-Davidson Authorized Service.
Our Regular Service always includes a thorough performance and safety inspection along with so much more.
Why risk anything less? Take your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the experts who know it best - your Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealership. Don't get short changed - It's more than an oil change!

1 Replace engine oil, filter, and drain plug O-ring. Torque drain plug to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature.

2 Check operation of all electrical equipment, lighting, and controls.

3 Inspect front and rear tire tread depth and air pressure. Check tightness of all spokes (if equipped).

4 Inspect fluid level of front brake and clutch reservoirs. Check torque of cover screws.

5 Check torque of switch housing screws, clutch lever handlebar clamp screws, and master cylinder handlebar screws.

6 Check engine coolant freeze point and inspect for leaks. Clean radiators.

7 Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant and drain plug O-ring.

8 Drain and replace transmission lubricant and drain plug O-ring.

9 Inspect oil, brake, and fuel lines and fittings for leaks, contact, or abrasions.

10 Inspect rear brake reservoir for proper level. Check torque of cover screws.

11 Inspect front brake pads and discs. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.

12 Inspect rear brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.

13 Check torque of front and rear axle nut.

14 Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand.

15 Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.

16 Check, adjust, and lubrate brake and clutch controls.

17 Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel sprocket.

18 Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.

19 Check battery, clean connections and torque terminal screws.

20 Lubricate the fuel door, hinge, and latch.

21 Check for open recalls, product campaigns, trouble codes, and engine management system updates.

22 Flush brake and clutch systems and replace DOT 4 brake and clutch fluids every two years.

23 Road test - verify component and system functions.

Regular maintenance will help keep your H-D motorcycle operating at peak performance. Your Harley-Davidson dealer knows best how to service your motorcycle with factory approved methods and equipment assuring you of thorough and competent workmanship.

Depicted are areas serviced during the recommended 1000mile service for a 2017 Touring model. Refer to owner's manual for more details.

Gail's Harley-Davidson
Located on the NE corner of Hwy 150 and I-49 (Hwy 71) in Grandview, MO.

No More Waiting for Great Service

Gail’s Harley-Davidson guarantees same-day service for all routine maintenance projects and a two-day turnaround for all other basic services when you have an appointment. For bigger repair or customization jobs, if we have the proper parts in stock, you can bring your bike in on a Tuesday and have it back by Friday that same week. Gail’s also offers free motorcycle pick-up and delivery in the Kansas City metro area. If you come to Gail’s for service or maintenance, we don’t want you to wait, we want you to get out and ride!

Regular visits to our Service Center here at Gail’s Harley-Davidson will help ensure your bike stays in top form. We’re proud to be Kansas City’s ultimate Harley-Davidson service facility and we staff the very best Harley-trained and certified mechanics to keep your motorcycle looking and running perfectly mile after mile! At least one of our skilled Harley technicians will be on duty during all business hours, so you never have to worry about when you’ll get your bike worked on. We honor all warranty work and favor all recalls. We’ll accommodate any problem that might arise with your Harley motorcycle and give you a solution in a timely, precise, and efficient manner.

To schedule your Harley-Davidson service appointment, fill out our online service request form or call our Service Department at 855-228-9455.


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